Marble.. The natural beauty coming from history.. The unique beauty that immortalizes the architecture of many civilizations and reflects them without any corruption till today. The most common building stone that man has never given up for agas.

   We determinate that beauty for you, from our own quarries in the center of Anatolia and process a wide range of marbles with high technology and super quality in our production plants.

   Our firm has established in 1997, at Elazığ-TURKEY as a marble workshop with three employees. In 1998, we started production by activating a marble processing factory at Elazığ Organised Industry Area -second zone, at the first six months continued activities by a cuting center machine, a cross cuting machine, a sawing and milling universal machine, a forklift, a 30 ton portable winch, at the second six months added a cuting center machine, a 13+1 polis hed hing machine, and a bevelling polishing machine. Now there is 25 employees in workshop and factory.

   In our factory we prepare ,any dimensions of marble plaque, step, flooring, wall cover, by cuting and polishing, and then after packing we transport them to the receivers.

The marble sorts that we make production about:

Elazığ Vişne - (Rosso Levanto)
Petrol Yeşili - (Verde Antiko)
Hazar Pembe - (Rozati)
Milas Beyazı - (Milas Wiht)
Çüngüş Bej - (Boto Cino Royal)

Rozalya - (Rosso Liva)
Traverten - (Travertina)

   The marble materials that produced in our factory are sold at the in and outside of Turkey. The countries that we have relation in foreign market are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dabhi, and Kuwait.

   Furthermore, in our workshop we produce different sorts of kitchen furnishing, coffee table, grave cover etc.

Head Office/Factory
Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 23280 Yazikonak-Elazig / Turkey
Phone:                +90-424-255 13 17
x:                    +90-424-255 11 17
Atolye Tel & Fax:+90-424-255 13 18 


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